The Progression of Grace

How I became a more Empowered Being than I ever thought possible:

I grew up doing mostly the “right” things but always with an underlying sense that whatever I did, it was never going to turn out completely right – which was often the case – and the gnawing doubt that nothing I was doing was right for me. I felt hollow inside, yet filled with dread. I was convinced that any success I had was a fluke, and that sooner or later all the people who wanted me to do the “right” things would discover that I was a fraud.

I kept doing the “right” things into adulthood.

I even achieved the professional success of becoming a naturopathic doctor and opening my own practice. Yet, privately, I was a mess; constantly cycling between crushing anxiety and bleak depression. Everything I did was fuelled by the anxiety of being found out as a fraud, until I would crash into the depression of having no way out of my life, leaving me bedridden for days… until the anxiety would push me to get up and do the next “right” thing.

Over the years, I tried a plethora of self-help staples: books, and courses, and workshops galore; yoga, and meditation, and mantra, oh my! I also tried most diet and exercise programs going, along with almost every mainstream, allied, and alternative health practitioner my extended health plan covered – along with many who weren’t.

While all of them made my life better to a greater or lesser degree, none of them alleviated the feeling that the life I was living wasn’t really the life for me.

Then in 2015, an encounter with Grace changed everything.

A friend of a now-dear friend introduced me to a revelatory technology called Human Design. It was “wrong” compared to anything I had encountered before – and completely outside my comfort zone – yet the truth of it transfixed me. 

Human Design transformed my life. It showed me who I actually am, and what is actually right for me. After researching, experimenting, and living with my unique design for over two years, I made the major decision to close my practice and leave naturopathic medicine behind…and it was the easiest and surest decision I had ever made.

Since then, I have been engaged in living more fully as myself, and doing what is right for me.

I also have been engaged in learning Human Design on a deep level; including receiving my Certified Professional Consultant designation from leading experts, and internationally-renowned authors, Chetan Parkyn and Carola Eastwood.


Now I want to give you that same gift of
so you can start living as yourself,
and doing what is right for you.

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