Quid Pro Quo

Hello, you hopefully-soon-to-be (or perhaps already) Empowered Being, you!

If you’d like to learn more about Human Design, I’ve written a short e-book. (For some reason the term e-pamphlet has never really caught on, has it?) It’s technically free, but read the post title again: you’ll get the link to download the “e-pamphlet” when you sign up for my newsletter. That you do by clicking the button in the footer – on every page of the website, including this one – that says, “Extra! Extra!”. It looks like this:

Newsletter signup
Yes, you can click on this one too.

I have no idea if there will ever actually be a newsletter produced, but stranger things have happened. In my mind, it is full of scintillating observations about both the ordinary and seemingly bizarre behaviour of our species – sometimes viewed through the lens of Human Design, sometimes through a more general energetic perspective. We’ll see.

Anyway, back to the bait…

The e-book is imaginatively entitled “The Centres and Their Conditioning”; it’s about the Centres and how they get conditioned. If you don’t know what Centres are and why their being conditioned might be an issue worth considering, this is the e-book for you: because you have Centres and they are almost definitely conditioned. To whet your appetite, here’s one of the diagrams – in an image way too tiny for you to actually read anything, so you will be forced to give me your email address (insert evil laugh here):

This took many hours – and many, many curse words.

Joking aside, I do hope you sign up for the newsletter and download (and read!) the e-book because the more you know about Human Design, the more you’ll understand the people around you – and yourself – and the easier your life will get. Isn’t that worth subscribing to a likely-non-existent-but-possibly-scintillating newsletter?

And remember, there’s always an Unsubscribe button.


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